Atelier AM

.+*AA*+. Pearl and chain necklace
.+*AA*+. Flashy necklace & earring
.+*AA*+. Antler necklace A & earring
.+*AA*+. Antler necklace B & earring

.+*AA*+. Pearl and chain necklace
white  gold  red  black
(tota l4)

.+*AA*+. Flashy necklace
.+*AA*+. Flashy earring
1 color each

.+*AA*+. Antler necklace A & earring (necklace, earring set)
wood  white  gold  silver
(total 4)

.+*AA*+. Antler necklace B & earring (necklace, earring set)
wood  ehite  gold  silver
(total 4)

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