6.25 0:00- 7.24 0:00(JPT)


**The Closet** / [Luce.] / tram / tomoto, / KAO / "anuenue.
=random kitten= / BALACLAVA!! / *mikan / COYURA CREATION
BP*  / HPMD / =Feather= / bitter vanilla / ISSIGONIS / NINIKO
Atelier AM / ARAI / [pivaaca] / :pesca: / izm. / Love Soul / fore
*devitant girls* / RUDE REBEL / poche MNK*SHOP / DownDownDown
graph* / booN / *Y's HOUSE* / *chronokit* / = Hal*Hina =
[solita] / couverture / Oyakin / NODe+ / Picnic

 Buy the object from Rondom Vendor/picture frame.
(Click the picture to see larger image.)

Venders putting a red ribbon pay 2 types lucky cards. These paying out probability are fixed 
As you know, there are 2 types lucky cards- one is Normal Card(white) 

and the another is Multi Card(red).
You can exchange from Normal Card to EACH vendor's lottery item and do from Multi Card to any vendors' lottery item.

Get the lottery item to attach the card and touch the lottery vendor that is placed in each creators' Main Store

The Card will disappear once you will exchange to each lottery. You can exchange one lotterey per 1 Card.
Find the gold picture frame in each creators' Main Store to exchange the lottery. 
The Card is transferable.
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